Husband, Father, Follower of Christ

I was born into a Pastor’s home in Indianapolis. At the age of 4, I realized I was a sinner and accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I surrendered to the call to preach at a youth camp in Indiana and went to Crown College of the Bible where I received my B.B.S. in Youth Ministry in 2006, followed by my Masters of Ministry in 2007.

After Bible College, I was able to come on staff at Capital City Baptist Church where the Lord allowed me to serve alongside my father for 7 years. On August 14, 2009 I was married to a wonderful girl who God has blessed and used greatly in my ministry.

Amanda and I have experienced many wonderful highs and lows in our marriage. In March of 2012 the Lord blessed us with a precious baby boy. Our son Logan was born with a serious heart condition known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). Logan would need a series of 3 open heart surgeries within the first 2-3 years of his life to completely re-work how his heart would function. On July 30 of 2012, while preparing to take Logan in for his 2nd open heart surgery, we learned that God’s plans weren’t exactly our plans. The Lord took our 4.5 month old baby home to Heaven where Logan finally got the heart that he needed. I don’t understand everything about God’s will and plan for our lives, but I do know that: ‘As for God his way is perfect… and he maketh my way perfect.’ Ps. 18:30, 32. Since Logan, God has blessed us with a healthy son, Nate, who was born in June of 2014.

The Lord started working specifically with me during Logan’s life and especially through his death. God gave me a new burden and desire. I felt God placing the burden and desire to be a Pastor in my heart during 2012. The Lord led my family to Colorado in 2013 where I had the opportunity to work alongside my father-in-law, John McKenzie at Ellicott Baptist Church. The desire to Pastor only grew during my short time there and in November of 2015, Eagle Drive Baptist Church called me to be their next Pastor.

My ministry philosophy has grown with my understanding of my identity. Identity is something so many people struggle with. For me, it's been a long journey of understanding who I am in Christ. My desire is to allow the Gospel to shape my Identity because the Gospel is the only thing that has the power to change us into person we are created to be. The Gospel is more than just good news. It's a deeper understanding that I am known and loved. I am redeemed and accepted. Therefore everything I do stems from my Gospel Identity.

It's my desire that our church be centered around the gospel. We exist to see people changed by the Radical power of the Gospel.

If you would like to get in touch with me, then email me: [email protected]